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A few years ago I came to the conclusion that the most significant resource we have in life is  Time.

All other resources we have such as health, love, family and money are only the content of the main resource which is the time.

And what is the thing which consumes this most vulnerable resource?

What is the thing which consumes our time , without any mercy?

Our work.

Our livelihood.

Our carrier.

When I figured this point I decided that no matter what, my short term goal is to get out from this dependence.

After spending big time searching for the right way to get free , I came to Value Investing.

I realized that this is not a short way, but it the shortest way for me to get out.

For someone like me – without any business connections – Value Investing enable become a partner in the best business.

My next step was to learn this issue and to implement it.

I was looking for a free way to find some value stocks in Tel Aviv stock market but I couldn’t find any, so I decided to build such stock screener during 2007 winter in order to save me time while searching the best value stocks in Tel Aviv stock market.

A year later I developed the Tel Aviv stocks screener as desk top application and uploaded it to the web.

Another winter passed and I exposed the Data base which the stock screener is sitting on, to the application, and upload it as well to the web.

Since then, thousands of users , downloaded the screener in order to find the best value stocks at Tel Aviv stock market.

By the beginning of 2012 I loaded the screener to this website.

I did not know how to build website, in fact I did not know what is a sever , so I spent evenings on evenings during the end of 2011 winter in order to build this site.

Behind the screener idea , I want you to understand my goals.

My goal is to be free.

Free in any dimension.

When I get up from bed one of my first thoughts every morning is " I want to be Free , I want to be Free" and the meaning is always the same:

Free Man. free from Ego , free from bad manners , free from the need to get livelihood…

Free is ,  to focus on the Will Instead of focusing on the needs.

In order to be something… you want to share it with others.

This is the main reason for building and publishing this screener  – to share the information it have.

If you want to focus on the best value stocks at Tel Aviv stock market, I guess this is the best stock screener you will find.

You will find here screening parameters that usually cannot be find on free stock screeners on the web, I share them with you because I want to share the freedom idea.

The Tel Aviv stock screener in any case cannot replace the company books, when finishing the screening, you must overview the reports.

Use this stock stock screener with a lot of care and wisdom.

If you want to contact me, use the following mail:


Gabi Zi

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