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Why did I build this website?

Because I want to be free , I want my freedom.  I believe in freedom.  This includes economically freedom. Here we share and learn the freedom.  How to become a free person?    By Learning doing and living Value Investing in all circles.

Tel Aviv Stocks Fundamental Details

With the information of this site, decide in a few
minutes if the Stock "worth" further investigation.
Tel Aviv Stocks Fundamental Details can be
found here:

1. Annual Return on Assets, Equity Graphs.
2. Quarterly Return, Assets, Equity Graphs.
3. Annual Profit Margins Graphs & Tables.
4. Quarterly Profit Margins Graphs & Tables.
5. Intrinsic value calculation to each stock.
6. Annual & Quarterly Multiplies & Net Nets.

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Tel Aviv Stock Screener

With Tel Aviv Stock Screener you can find the perfect Stocks for you.
Sort and Rank the stocks with your parameters and find out the best stocks for you.

Tel Aviv Stock Screener enable find the cheapest stocks in every ruler you choose.

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Who am I and What is my goal?

My name is Gabi Zi.

A few years ago I came to the conclusion that the most
significant resource we have in life is Time.
All other resources we have such
as health, love, family and money are only the content
of the main resource which is the time.
And what is the thing which consumes this
vulnerable resource?
What is the thing which consumes our time
, without any mercy?
Our work. Our livelihood. Our carrier.
When I figured this point I decided that no matter what
, my short term goal is to get out from this dependence.
After spending big time searching for the right way to
get free, I came to Value Investing.
I realized that this is not a short way, but it the
shortest way for me to get out.
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