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Multipliers of BAZAN Stock

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Find here the financial details of BAZAN Stock over the years and quarters. Cash flow multiples, Profit multiples, Dividends multiples
, Profits margins, Returns on Assets and Equity, Net Nets, Equity to Debts ratios, Intrinsic value estimation of the stock and much more.
With the Graphs and Tables represented here you can decide within minutes if BAZAN Stock worth deep checking.

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5658.144  NIS Mill

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Price to Operating Profit - Years

Price to Operating Profit - Quarters

Price to Operating Cash Flow - Years

Price to Operating Cash Flow - Quarters

Price to Divedend - Years

Price to Divedend - Quarters

Price to Sales - Years

Price to Sales - Quarters

Price to Book - Years

Price to Book - Quarters

Price to Total Assets - Years

Price to Total Assets - Quarters